Can anyone receive communion at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church?

Anyone that is in fellowship with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church may partake of the Holy Sacrament here. That would include anyone that is in fellowship with the Lutheran Churches of the Reformation. However, if someone outside our fellowship were to receive communion in our church, they would be accepting the teachings of our fellowship without knowing what those teachings are. Ours is the business of saving souls. Because this could harm their soul, we would be negligent in our efforts to allow such a thing. As a result, we practice "close" or "closed" communion in accordance with the teachings of Holy Scripture.

What is required to become a member at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church?

In most cases it would involve going through Luther's Small Catechism with Pastor Pederson. Most adults that have a background in the Lutheran Church and have already gone through the Catechism earlier in life are usually able to proceed rather quickly. The Pastor would determine the depth required for each individual based on their knowledge of the Catechism.

Why does Good Shepherd use the King James Bible?

Our congregation uses the King James Version because it is still the most accurate English translation of the Bible which exists today. The various modern translations have proven to be flawed in many aspects. Modern translations include the NIV, NKJV, AAT, RSV, NASB, TEV, TLB, NEB, JB, TAB. These modern translations in numerable ways bring into question the virgin birth of Christ, the Holy Trinity, the deity of Christ, universal grace, the existence of hell, and many other Biblical doctrines. They also omit whole verses from the Bible or change the meaning.

For a more detailed examination please read Modern Bible Versions, by Pastor Tobin Pederson.

Various other books and pamphlets have been written on the subject including:

Comparisons, by Pastor R. W. Shekner

New Age Bible Versions, by G. A. Riplinger

Counterfeit or Genuine Mark 16? John 8?, by David Otis Fuller, D.D.

Which Bible, by David Otis Fuller, D.D.

Distorted Scripture, by Robert G. Taylor, M.D.

Examination of Modern New Testament Text-Criticism Theory and Methods, by Pastor Jeffrey A. Young, Ph.D.

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